How to Take a Screenshot of a Screen Region in Windows 10

You can either paste it directly where you want to or save it on your computer for later use. Step 2.Click “Full Screen” or “Region” according to your need. The screen will go dim, and drag your cursor covering what you want to capture.

You may also configure it to take the screenshot with a delay. Hello Guys i just install windows 10 and downloaded some programs and apps like steam and Vtc .. Etc everything was fine but suddenly when i was playing i get like 3 seconds lag ..

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  • If it’s your first time, I recommend bringing a trusted friend along with you — especially if they’ve built a PC before.
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  • To capture something that normally disappears when you press the Alt key—like a drop-down menu—press Ctrl+PrtScn instead.

The feature in this option was added starting with Windows 10 build 15002. In build 15014, you will need to first click/tap on the Mode button, choose the type of snip you want, then click/tap on the New (Alt+N) button instead. A) Open what you want to take a screenshot of, and go to step 5 below. Do step 3 or step 4 below for what you would like to take a screenshot of.

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Windows 10 offers a wide range of built-in screen capture options. You can save the full screen, the active window, or a rectangular selection to a file or to the Clipboard for reuse in another app. Use your computer’s standard screenshot tools and keyboard shortcuts, and Jumpshare will automatically upload your screenshots and copy a share link to your clipboard. It can also record a video or GIF of your screen for a quick way to share anything you want.

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