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  • تا ابد پرواز با 90 پرواز

Susa (#1455)

UNESCO Iran attractions Susa

Located at the crossroads of the ancient Mesopotamian and Iranian civilizations, the city of Susa is the telltale heart of the history of Iran. The city rose in prominence mainly because of its vicinity to important trade routes and closeness to the neighboring civilizations. Reaching as far back as the 5th century, the outstanding city of Susa was the capital of the Elamites. In the 6th century BC, Susa became the administrative capital of the Achaemenid dynasty and the days of its glory continued until the first millennium AD. Things have remained from this glorious town are archeological mounds which reveal important facts about the establishment of early states and urbanization, urban planning and architecture, socio-cultural and economic complexity, as well as the cultural and commercial exchange of the city with the neighboring cities. Susa was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 2015.

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