Niavaran Palace

I am Niavaran Palace, the remaining soul of the Pahlavi dynasty’s abandoned body in Iran at a region with great weather. I was supposed to be the happiness on the face the kings, but history was not predictable. Walking in my garden of inscriptions is still a summary of the exposure of Iran’s glory and reputation and the royal library with the codices is the symbol of wisdom and science of Persia which is still reliable in the world. Although the modern architecture of my main Palace with moving roofs made for the pleasure of watching the sky was far beyond its time, but preserved valuable objects of ancient Iran such as handmade carpets with images of all Iranian kings. You will be surprised if you visit the Museum of Palace Cars with those old cars that were made even in small sizes for the crown prince. My Jahan Nama Museum, is a gateway to creativity and a treasure of distant times with interesting ancient and modern objects from Picasso paintings to sculptures carved on elephant ivory. You will feel the sorrow of time through gold weaved fabrics that were given to the Queen and the military costumes of the King, but maybe private cinema will remind their smiles. Even the crown prince’s mansion, with all his memories, is a witness that I am a relic of a generation’s smile, a proof for the durability of the history through the dust of time. Get involved with the 90Parvaz travel agency on this fantastic imaginary journey!