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  • تا ابد پرواز با 90 پرواز

Deserts of Iran

Deep silence, sheer blue morning sky and starry nights, as well as warm sands which penetrate a little more into the serene of being with every step, tell the story of the desert. The life of the desert is mesmerizing, unknown, challenging and simply put amazing.
About 32 million hectares of deserts and arid lands cover the central part of Iran. Some of the most important deserts are Dasht-e Kavir, Dasht-e Lut, Mesr Desert, and Maranjab Desert. These deserts are masterpieces of the sun, the soil, the wind, and the water.
The horizon of the desert is not just a flat area covered with dry soil, polygon lands and salt lakes, as strong winds blowing across these areas cause erosion and formation of different kinds of natural phenomena. Sand dunes rise above the ground to unbelievable heights and create enchanting scenery. Also, the Yardangs of the Lut Desert are stone towers created because of wind erosion. No living creature can be found in this area as the highest temperatures ever recorded on the surface of the earth, have been reported from here.
Exploring the deserts has become a new trend of leisure in Iran. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of entertainments such as camel riding and safari. Local eco-lodges and caravanserais host guests overnight and provide a comfortable stay overnight.

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