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Irsa Navad Seir Parvaz Agency

Irsa Navad Seir Parvaz Agency

About us

Irsa 90 Seir Parvaz also known as 90 Parvaz, started working as a travel company in 2014. Ever since, it has been our mission to create an enjoyable experience of traveling by giving good services to our passengers and showing them a new style of leisure. With the recognition that traveling is a chance for creating cultural impact and promoting peace and friendship between nations, we have aimed to make a good impression of travel destinations for our travelers, provide high- quality packages and define leisure for our customers. This way, we have become one of the most presented travel agencies by our passengers.

At first, 90 Parvaz worked as a good provider of tours and tickets to Turkey alone for Iranian passengers but after a while, we expanded our destinations to many other countries. Today, we are one of the representatives of Atlasglobal GSA in Iran and have a daily seat charter on Tehran-Istanbul flights. Because of our good presentation, our passengers increasingly prefer to travel with Atlasglobal Airline instead of the other airlines. We also advise our travelers to fly with Atlasglobal to European destinations. We have recently introduced new destinations and tourist attractions to our customers, wishing to help foster a stable relationship between the nations.

Just in Tehran, from every hundred travelers at least one person calls 90 Parvaz to buy a good travel package. In the third year after the founding of 90 Parvaz, Reza Naghavi – the owner of 90 Parvaz – said: “It is my honor that we have never received any complaints, not even from one person, ever since we started working”. Mr. Naghavi stressed that tourist satisfaction has the biggest share of success in this business and this perspective of 90 Parvaz has been the reason for the consecutive purchases of tours and tickets by our customers who try the company for the first time. In fact, once you trust us you will never want to go anywhere else.

Thanks to our well-educated staff, customer-oriented services, and constant support, we were awarded ISO 10004 for customer satisfaction and ISO 9001 for quality management. The growth and expansion of our company with our overseas partners have won their unprecedented interest in having our incoming tour packages.

Iran’s potential for different types of tourism, interwoven with the unique qualities of its tourist attractions, promises a new experience for foreign travelers. Our success in operating outbound tours has introduced us as a trustworthy and professional tour operator to our partner brokers overseas. In addition to this, our team has attracted some of the most professional, knowledgeable, friendly, humorous, licensed travel guides who speak different languages and can ensure visitors have the most comprehensive and pleasant experience of Iran they could ever imagine. Here, at 90 Parvaz, tourism is a means for promoting peace, friendship, solidarity and expanding life experiences. Every step taken by our group is towards fulfilling this mission.

We are pleased to inform you that we succeeded to obtain international ISO 9001 and ISO 10004.