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About Us

Irsa Navad Seir Parvaz Agency

Irsa Navad Seir Parvaz Agancy

About us

Irsa Navad Seir Parvaz that has been known as 90 Parvaz, is one of the most presented travel agencies by passengers in many routs. 90 Parvaz started tourism services since 2014 with aim of making higher quality travel packages. Our mission was making a good experience by giving good services during travel for our passengers and showing them a new style of leisure. We believe that travel and seeing new lifestyle around the world would help to making more peace and friendship between nations. In this way, we always tried to showing a better image of travel destinations for our travelers.

At first 90 Parvaz had been known as a good provider of only Turkish destinations for Iranian passengers, but after a while we expanded our destinations to many other countries. Just in Tehran from each hundred travelers at least one person call 90 Parvaz to buy a good travel package.

Our staffs are well-educated to advise passengers to get the best choice. They know the importance of traveler’s satisfaction and try to do their best for this purpose. We are proud to say that in the last year we have been awarded two ISO certification: ISO 10004 for customer satisfaction and ISO 9001 for the quality management.

In the third year from founding 90 Parvaz, Reza Naghavi – the owner of 90 Parvaz – said:

“It is my honor that we have never received any complaint even from one person since we started to work.”

He emphasized that the importance of tourist satisfaction is more than the other aspect of this business. Then he said that 90 Parvaz has success to introduce every destination for travelers much better than other competitors, because they usually come back and buy the second and third tour packages from 90 Parvaz that means they were satisfied in previous travel.

90 Parvaz is one of Atlasglobal GSA in Iran. Always we offer the best choice for our travelers and Atlasglobal Airline proved that is one of the best airlines in the rout of Tehran – Istanbul. Because of our good presentation our passengers increasingly prefer to travel with Atlasglobal Airline instead of the other airlines. Now we have daily seat charter from Tehran to Istanbul. We also advise our travelers to fly with Atlasglobal to European destinations that would have many benefits for them.

Now we decided to introduce new destinations and tourist attractions to our customers and wish it help to peace between nations more than every time.

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